Electropolishing of pipes

Electropolishing of pipes

What is this?

Elektropol-R is the first company in Poland which has been using a unique process of internal electro-polishing of acid-resistant pipes in the industry. Over twenty years of our activity has allowed us to achieve the leading position in the field of electrochemical steel processing, in particular in the internal electro-polishing of pipes.


Electropolishing of pipes

Due to the diligence and maximum control of the process, we obtain excellent results, Ra even up to 0.1 micrometers (0.4 um standard), the process is 100% repeatable and allows you to achieve the highest purity where it is necessary.

The pharmaceutical, food, chemical and nuclear industries - internally electro-polished pipes are used there, when there is a need for the highest cleanliness of the surface, increased corrosion resistance, high smoothness of the surface protecting it against media deposition. Thanks to us, you can improve the quality of your projects, and the prices we offer are competitive in relation to the offers of foreign companies.

We process diameters from 12mm to 250mm in sections up to 6m long.

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