Shot blasting

Shot blasting

What is this?

At the beginning of 2018, we launched a new operation - shot blasting of stainless steel. This procedure will allow all our clients to obtain a more comprehensive service, which in turn will reduce costs. We decided to blast stainless and acid-resistant steel with stainless steel shot, because it is a more durable abrasive than, for example, a glass ball and we obtain a more uniform surface without any foreign inclusions. Shot-blasting gives a homogeneous surface with a low degree of gloss, even matt, called satin.


Shot blasting

We do not use ordinary iron or carbon steel shot as it contaminates the surface of stainless steel. Sand can also contain ferrous materials.

The surface of austenitic grades of stainless steel is hardened in the shot blasting process. By adding electro-polishing after shot blasting as another technological process, we obtain a product that is one hundred percent resistant to all external factors, both chemical and mechanical, at the same time achieving a very high aesthetic quality.

We encourage you to use the comprehensive service in our STAINLESS STEEL PROCESSING CENTER.

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